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 Kotans new deck

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Kotans new deck Empty
PostSubject: Kotans new deck   Kotans new deck I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 07, 2010 2:24 pm

Kotan wheeler - Starter deck

Red eyes black chick
Summoned skull
Alligators sword
Baby dragon
Dark magician
Red Eyes Black Dragon
Rocket warrior
Blue Flame swordsman
Queens knight
Lord of the red
Gearfried the iron knight
Gearfried the swordsmaster
Time wizard
Morphing jar
Boost warrior
Knight of dark dragons
Silent swordsman Lv3
Silent swordsman Lv5
Elemental hero sparkman
Gandora the dragon of destruction
Gilford the legend

Tuner Monsters:
Junk synchron
Comrade swordsman of landstar

Synchro Monsters:
Junk warrior
Junk Archer
Junk destroyer
Armory arm

Fusion Monsters:
Red eyes black Knight
Flame swordsman
Alligators sword dragon.
Thousand dragon
Black skull dragon
Red eyes spark knight

Trap Cards:
Drain shield
Negate attack
Magic cylinder
Mirror force
Mirror gate
Soul rope
Trap hole
Call of the haunted
Solemn Judgement
Aura Armor
Nurtient Z
Take one chance
Skull dice
Bottomless trap hole.
Jar of greed
Astral barrier
Hero blast
Life absorbing machine

Spell Cards:
The warrior returning alive
Emergency provisions
polymerization x2
Fusion recovery
Special hurricane
Fairy meteor crush
The Ritual
Red eyes transmigration
Legend of heart
dark dragon ritual
Roll of fate
Star blaster
Double attack
Level up
Level Modulation
Graceful dice
Dice dungeon
Ancient rules
Inferno fire blast
The claw of hermos
Release restraint
swing of memories
Grade sword
Divine sword phoenix blade
Lightning blade
Legendary sword
Pot of avarice
Spark blaster
Super polymerization
Mystical space typhoon
trap booster

Hermos union monsters
Red eyes black dragon sword
Time magic hammer
Goddess bow
Hermos armour

Signiture/Special Card: Red eyes black dragon, Red eyes black knight, Aura armor, the claw of hermos, Elemental hero sparkman
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Kotans new deck
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