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 Beginner Deck

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Saya Miroku
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Saya Miroku

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PostSubject: Beginner Deck   Beginner Deck I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 18, 2010 6:14 pm

DECK: ""
Main Deck [50- cards]
Monster [20]
* Level 7+ [1]
1x The Creator {LV8 2300/3000 Pwd:61505339[1000DP]}
* Level 5-6 [3]
1x Dragon Ice {LV5 1800/2200 Pwd:64262809[150DP]}
1x Granmarg the Rock Monarch {LV6 2400/1000 Pwd:60229110[600DP]}
1x Prime Material Dragon {LV6 2400/2000 Pwd:12298909[600DP]}
* Level 1-4 [20]
1x Dark Valkyria {LV4 1940/1040 Pwd:83269557[300DP]}
1x Gigantic Cephalotus {LV4 1860/700 Pwd:82116191[150DP]}
1x Jutte Fighter {LV2 700/900 Pwd:60410769[150DP]}
1x Krebons {LV2 1200/400 Pwd:59575539[150DP]}
3x Mecha Bunny {LV2 800/100 Pwd:10110717[150DP]}
1x Psychic Commander {LV3 1400/800 Pwd:21454943[150DP]}
1x Sonic Chick {LV1 300/300 Pwd:36472900[150DP]}
1x The Calculator {LV2 5100/0 Pwd:51196174[300DP]}
1x Tune Warrior {LV3 1600/200 Pwd:74093656[150DP]}
1x Twin-Barrel Dragon {LV4 1700/200 Pwd:70050374[300DP]}
1x Worm Apocalypse {LV1 300/200 Pwd:88650530[150DP]}
1x Worm Barses {LV3 1400/1500 Pwd:15658249[150DP]}
1x X-Saber Anapelera {LV4 1800/1100 Pwd:23115241[150DP]}
1x X-Saber Galahad {LV4 1800/800 Pwd:50604950[300DP]}
1x Ancient Gear Knight {LV4 1800/500 Pwd:39303359[300DP]}
1x Fossil Tusker {LV4 1800/0 Pwd:17706537[150DP]}
1x Ghost Gardna {LV4 0/1900 Pwd:59965151[150DP]}
1x Oyster Meister {LV3 1600/200 Pwd:83239739[150DP]}
* Spell [7]
1x Big Bang Shot {Pwd:61127349[600DP]}
1x Cup of Ace {Pwd:37812118[150DP]}
1x Riryoku {Pwd:34016756[150DP]}
1x Shield Crush {Pwd:30683373[300DP]}
1x Soul Taker {Pwd:81510157[150DP]}
1x Twister {Pwd:45939841[300DP]}
1x Unstable Evolution {Pwd:62991886[300DP]}
1x Enemy Controller {Pwd:98045062[600DP]}
1x Fairy Meteor Crush {Pwd:97687912[300DP]}
1x Malevolent Nuzzler {Pwd:99597615[150DP]}
* Trap [13]
1x Birthright {Pwd:35539880[600DP]}
1x Counter Counter {Pwd:42309337[150DP]}
1x Destruction Jammer {Pwd:98956134[300DP]}
1x Divine Wrath {Pwd:49010598[600DP]}
1x Dust Tornado {Pwd:60082869[300DP]}
1x Graceful Revival {Pwd:98273947[600DP]}
1x Kunai with Chain {Pwd:37390589[150DP]}
1x Magic Jammer {Pwd:77414722[600DP]}
1x Overworked {Pwd:71272951[150DP]}
1x Radiant Mirror Force {Pwd:21481146[1000DP]}
1x Raigeki Break {Pwd:4178474[600DP]}
1x Reinforcements {Pwd:17814387[150DP]}
1x Security Orb {Pwd:26533075[150DP]}
1x Compulsory Evacuation Device {Pwd:94192409[300DP]}
1x Defense Draw {Pwd:24268052[600DP]}
1x Magical Arm Shield {Pwd:96008713[150DP]}

Fusion Deck [3 cards]
Monster [3]
* Level 7+ [1]
1x Psychic Lifetrancer {LV7 2400/2000 Pwd:45379225[300DP]}
* Level 5-6 [2]
1x Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth {LV6 2600/800 Pwd:97204936[600DP]}
1x Magical Android {LV5 2400/1700 Pwd:43385557[150DP]}
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Beginner Deck
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