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 Sick, and bored.

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Minato Belmont

Minato Belmont

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Sick, and bored. Empty
PostSubject: Sick, and bored.   Sick, and bored. I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 08, 2010 6:08 am

"Well, this sucks."

A voice echoed loudly as a vehicle parked up next to a rocky road. It was a bus of sorts, with a seemingly shadowy intent decking its very rotted paint. Yet, the door opened and a figure stepped into the light, a teenage male with a signifying pigtail. He had rather messy spiky black hair that was finished off with a slick added pig-tail at the back. Crimson streaks ran through the rough hair, parting over the eye section and giving the teen a distinctive look. He had calm blue eyes filled with mischief, a glowing depth of a kind yet spunky nature. His features were well formed and stern, with his eyebrows narrowing over his sharp eyes and his chin pressed strong. Surprisingly he wore a red Chinese-like shirt and black pants, which seemed to clash with his supposed attitude.

His name was Kai, Kai Blackdragoon. The newest transfer student to come to Youkai Academy since a certain Aono male. Strangely, he seemed rather annoyed as he stared at the surrounding area, his form walking briskly down the path leading to a towering building. The area in question looked like it had come straight out of a Saturday-night monster flick, a bad one at that. Whispers of sunlight helped lighten up the area, yet there were strange and obviously out of place flares of lightning in the vicinity of the massive school building.

It would look quite impressive and intimidating to any normal monster student, but unfortunately this was not to be the case this time. Kai could only sweat drop and hide the face palming effect that came from looking at the rather crudely horror-made grounds, his eyes twitching. What had he gotten himself into? I mean, really, he should of just stuck with that school in Scotland, or Duel Academy. Sure, he may have had to hide his newly discovered monster roots, but this scene before him was very..ah, lame. Yes, lame.

“Ah, screw it!”

Kai shrugged and walked into the school grounds, passing through the open gates. He spied many a student, each one going about there daily lives like Humans would. Yet, something, well, someone caught his eyes. He barely managed from keeping his jaw from dropping as he stared at the pink-haired goddess sitting across the yard at a round table, casually speaking to a group of equally attractive girls, and a seemingly very plain looking boy.

“Hey, watch it!”

The pigtailed teen managed to blink before his eyes flew open wide, reacting to a sudden punch thrown at him. He barely got out the way of the large fist, dodging at the very last second, a curse making its way out of his lips. Kai stared at his attacker, watching in sudden unblinking awe as a huge ass humanoid-like beast towered over him. The Blackdragoon didn't know what it was, but he did one know one important thing: The guy was one ugly mother fu-


Kai shouted as he jumped back, the earth shattering from a second thrown blow. Now, the pigtailed teen was opening gaping. The fact that the guy had revealed his monster form didn't seem to cause his attacker any bother, and the twitching glare thrown at Kai certainly let everyone know he was pissed. Why? Because the Blackdragoon had stepped on his foot and didn't apologize. Yup, this was starting to seem like high-school more and more.


Thus began a brutal game of tag, where Kai could only dodge punches with yelps following. A crowd began to gather, observing the open “fight” with a slight hint of glee and amusement. Even a certain pink-haired Vampire and her group had to take a glance over from the magnitude of gathering people. In a matter of moments everything went to hell and fun, with bets being taken, and rumours being passed around. No one knew how this mysterious pig-tailed boy had managed to piss off “the” Dan Utsyrag, an A-class beast.

A half-Dragon monster.

“That guy is going to get his ass kicked.”

“Damn right, bet all that will be left will be his pigtail, heh!”

“Wanna bet?”

“How much!?”

Safe to say, it wasn't looking good for Kai. Not one tiny bit. Yet, the pigtailed boy had managed to dance around every blown thrown by the half-Dragon male thus far, even though he was sweating like a pig and chuckling nervously. Finally, all went silent as the attacker, Dan, let out a roar of rage. The half-Dragon held up his muscular arms and narrowed his attractive red eyes, speaking coldly (making a few girls swoon in the crowd)

“I've had it with your cowardly dodging! Prepare for one-hundred percent power!”

Kai winced at that, gulping as two giant wings ripped out of his opponent's back in a tower of falling blood. A vile aura fell upon the area and following roar shook the very land, the air distorting from the released untamed power. The pigtailed boy knew he was very much fucked, on his first day too! Thus, he released his own human illusion and let his own monster traits come through in a instant.

“He's a...”

“What the hell!?”


Dead panned stares, unrestrained high-pitch squeals, and shouts of disgust quickly followed. Two soft twitching black furred ears hiked on the pigtailed boy's head, resting comfortably and naturally. His blue eyes had gained a slight-yellow tint, slitted pupils gazing back from the depths. Small fangs come be seen in his open mouth, and a slight purr could be heard in the back of his throat. To complete the look was a lashing tail behind him, which seemed to be almost timid.

“Shoot me now..” sighed Kai as he bowed his head, hoping Dan killed him quickly. When he first found out that he had unreleased monster blood he had quickly jumped the gun and researched what types of monsters there were. He had latched onto the want of being one of the greater and “cooler” ones, such as a Vampire, Werewolf, Kitsune, or a Snow Boy. No such freakin luck.

He, Kai Blackdragoon, Spirit Red-Eyes duelist of Neo Domino, was none of those things.

No, he was a fucking Catboy.


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Minato Belmont

Minato Belmont

Posts : 457

Sick, and bored. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sick, and bored.   Sick, and bored. I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 08, 2010 6:08 am

OOC:......I have waaaay too much time on my hands. Well, no, I'm sick so I needed something to do as I lay here T.T After reading a few fanfics of Rosario + Vampire I came to realise something. Nearlly every OC written was a bloody Mary Sue. So, I thought "Hey! I may not be a good writer, but I wanna see what -I- can do on this subject."

Thus, taking Kai, a roleplay writing style, and one single statement (Be ORIGINAL!) = I wrote this as a first "chapter" so to speak. Why a Catboy? Because its underpowered, matches his personality, and will be lulzy. Anyway, if I do continue this work of sheer mindless bored creation, I'll probably add people like Shuho, Zeiya, and more.

Its purely for "Teh Lulz"

One last thing: Kai is no fighter, and isn't gonna be taking on Inner Moka anytime soon, if ever. He doesn't have Mary Sue/Gary Stu strength, and thus will probably fail, a lot. Still, he's a duelist, and what he does have will count towards his R+V lulz trip. Luck. Lots and lots of luck.

Now then -

Monster Directory:

*Cat Boy/Girl
Youkai Class - C
Strength - D
Speed - C
Stamina - D
Energy Level - D

Sick, and bored. Catboy10
Sick, and bored. F87dae10

Noted Monster apperance apects: Tail. Furred cat ears. Slitted eyes. Claws, or sharp nails. Slight fangs. Permantly shiny hair. Athletic, frail, or soft body type.

This species of monster dates back to a unknown period of time, but it is said that they are somehow connected to the long forgotten Egyptians. The Catboy and Catgirl of the race don't differ much in apperance, but there are some chances in the power aspect. The Catgirl is armed with a set of claws that can slice a tree in half with unshakable ease.

Their forms hold thirty percent the speed of a Werewolf, and a unnatural need for fish. The Catboy has no such claws, yet can charge a odd weak yet focused energy on their finger tips, making a much weaker and cheap imitation of the Catgirls main weapon. Because Catboys waste that strange energy on the generated claws, their stamina and speed is cut in half when compared to the Catgirl, though they have no need for fish, yet do hold a craving for milk. Both parts of the Cat race hold main body abilities, which include faster reflexes, skillful untapped dance-like movement, and a sense for danger. Their final ability is the power to transform into a small cat.

The main advantage of the Catboy is the ease they can hold their Human form, all while having the abilities of their monster form. The Catgirl has no such advantage, even having great trouble in holding their Human form on a daily bases. The main weakness of the Catboy/Catgirl is water, having a strange problem which causes them to lock up in body movement once surrounded by the stuff. Their secondary weakness is their tail, which can cause a shockwave of pain to go straight through them when tugged.


Dan Utsyrag is a pun. Dan is the first name of a OC off a R+V fic which makes me facepalm. Utsyrag is GaryStu spelt backwards.
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Saya Miroku
The Unlucky Thief
Saya Miroku

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Sick, and bored. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sick, and bored.   Sick, and bored. I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 08, 2010 12:05 pm

That.....was....HILARIOUS XDDDDD Poor Kai Razz btw....what do you mean a brainwashed hot red head o-o?
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Sick, and bored. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sick, and bored.   Sick, and bored. I_icon_minitime

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Sick, and bored.
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