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 Atheris Valentine

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PostSubject: Atheris Valentine   Atheris Valentine I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 03, 2010 2:48 pm

Name: Atheris Valentine

Age: 19
Gender: Female

Duelist Level:

Reputation: (Given by a mod or admin. Earned through storylines)

Duelist Style: Ground

Home Town: Neo Domino
Home Country: Japan
Current Residence: Acadia Movement

Currently None

Personality: Cold to everyone, isolated. Untrusting, Independent


Talents: Connection to Duel Spirits.

History: Atheris grew up alone, talking to no one but her Duel Spirit partner. Her parents feared her Psychic powers and left her to the streets of Neo Domino. From there, she was found by Divine and accepted into the Arcadia Movement. She mostly stays to herself withing the Arcadia Movement and doesn't even listen to Divine orders unless it is absolutely necessary. Because of this, she is rarely called upon for anything, despite her abilities being stronger than Aki Izayoi's.

Special Powers: A Psychic Duelist with a strong connection to a particular card. She says she can even talk to this monster as a partner.

Duel Disk - Style:

Duel Runner: None Currently. Slight Interest

Other Items
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Atheris Valentine
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