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 Ryouga Hibiki

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PostSubject: Ryouga Hibiki   Ryouga Hibiki I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 14, 2010 12:04 pm

Name: Ryouga Hibiki
Nickname: 'Ryo
Title: The Eternal Lost Boy

Age: 17
Gender: Male
Rank: Citizen

Reputation Level: Wildcard Duelist

Criminal Marker:

Duelist Style:
Highstakes Duelist

Home Town: Unknown
Home Country: Unknown
Current Residence: Satalite

Kai Blackdragoon - Seemingly might hate with strange passion.

Ryouga is a well-spoken and normally polite teen, holding a high sense of honour and loyalty to those he sees. Still, he can become quite headstrong and has a nasty habit of charging straight into things like a berserker. This also sides with his duelling style, suiting to ram and put pressure on his opponent with raw destructive power.

Strangely he hates speeches, and general cliché things, seemingly snapping at rants about power, and the alike. He also dislikes when people mention the “fangs” within his mouth, which are a birth defect and are a lot longer than those on the average scale. Not only that, he tends to become really happy when he loses, seeing it as the next step in his “training”

Ryouga Hibiki Ryouga10

Ryouga, though holding no seemingly special abilites, is quite a good fighter in hand to hand combat, and is known to be martial artist that relies on raw strength. At times it seems that his strength borderlines on near-superhuman lengths, and he takes advantage of this by possessing an umbrella that is far too heavy for normal people to even hold.


Special Powers:

Duel Disk - Style: A seemingly normal duel disk, yet it seems far to heavy for a normal person to even attach to their arm.

Duel Runner:
Doesn't own one

Other Items:
Umbrella (Weighted)
Yellow Bandanna
Old British Coin

Main Record (Those known):
Opponent - Outcome
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Ryouga Hibiki
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