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 Profile Template (Updated)

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PostSubject: Profile Template (Updated)   Profile Template (Updated) I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 09, 2014 11:39 am

Name: (This will be your name and signature of the world that your character is within. This of course can either be the name that the character in question was born with or a simple fake name that have decided to use. The later doesn't have to be noted.)

Nickname: (This would be a nickname in the manner of "Sai'" for "Simon" or "The Ice Prince" - Simply a dubbed phrase of reputation that others know the character by.)

Title: (Unlike "nickname" this is more in the manner of "Student of West Academy" "Officer" "Wandering Nomad" or "Newfound Teacher")

Age: (Sums it up simply. His or her age at the current storyline - not the first. So this will change as others.)

Gender: (You may leave this as 'Unknown' if the person is clouded in secracy or has simply yet to reveal it. They may also give it a false gender without telling anyone and change this at a later date.)

Duelist Nature: (What style of duelist the person is. Not just the type of cards or deck they use; but the overall type. Are they a Turbo Duelist that focus on Riding Duels and Synchro Summoning? A more Traditional Duelist who uses the very basic of styles without Archetypes? A master of Spirit Dueling with their favourite buddies? Perhaps even a Action Duelist with the introduction of Action Duels? Many options and some not even mentioned.)

Home Country: (The home country - not the one they are in now. This means that someone in the Japanese focused land of Yugioh can come from Germany or the States without feeling strange about their background.)

Current Residence: (Where is the character living at this very moment? This will change a lot of course. This will be their home; where they sleep and where they stay the most overall.)

Relationships: (Every character your character meets should appear in a list below here. This will tell how your character feels about each person as time passes. Feel free to into as descriptive as you desire for this.)

Personality: (This is the personality of your character. Are they a warm-hearted boy in the need for adventure as they enjoy dueling? A cold minded man simply all about the need to win? Tell us more.)

Appearance: (A description or image of that character goes here. Or both. Your choice.)

Duel Disk - Style: (This can be whatever you like as long as it makes sense. Hell; go a little crazy if you bring in a more unique backstory for it. Want a Duel Disk that shoots into the sky and the lands down in front of you in the form of a keyboard? Why the hell not? Provided you can note -how- he or she got that.)

Talents: (Things to note about your character outside of dueling. Can he run many miles? Can he swim with the best of them? Does he know how to sing and play the violin?)

History: (The background of your character. This can stay blank until more and more of your character is revealed.)

Special Powers: (This can be quite literally anything; however all will be reviewed and confirmed as allowed or not. In the series there have been many examples of special abilities that broaden the art of Yugioh in many ways. Notable ones include the "Millennium Items" "Spirit Unification" "Psychic Duelists" and "ZEXAL" examples.)
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Profile Template (Updated)
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