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 Jessica Yuki, Mistress of the Wind Valley

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PostSubject: Jessica Yuki, Mistress of the Wind Valley   Fri Dec 04, 2009 6:10 pm

Name: Jessica Yuki
Title: Mistress of the Wind Valley

Age: 24
Gender: Female
Rank: (Unranked)

Duelist Level: (Unranked)

Reputation: (Given by a mod or admin. Earned through storylines)

Criminal Marker: (Cannot start with one. Must gain one, or other wise)
Duelist Style: Mixed

Home Town: Neo Domino City
Home Country: Japan
Current Residence: Neo Domino City, but currently wandering to find her brother.

Jaden Yuki: Father
Alexis Rhodes: Mother
Alex Yuki: Brother

Personality: She's as cool as a cat, but can snap and get loud like the best of them. She gets embarrassed when she's around Alex when he does something stupid.

Appearance: Wears an old Obelisk Blue uniform from the old Duel Academt when she was enrolled there. Has blueish eyes, blonde hair, 5'5'', wearing a blue skirt, and blue and gold earrings.

Talents: (Is your character good at guitar, fighting, etc, etc?)

History: 12 years ago, Jessica and her family were out on a hike in a frozen part of Japan. When they got back to the cabin, they realized that Alex was nowhere to be seen. Jessica got extremely worried for her brother, and it was several days until Alex got to the cabin, extremely cold. She knew something had happened to him, and has constantly tried to help him out, but when Rex Goodman started chasing Alex, and chased him out of Neo Domino City, and she hasn't seen him since. She currently is traveling on foot to try to find her brother and help him out in avoiding the securities, and find out exactly why Rex wants him so bad.

Special Powers: (Example: Mark of the Dragon, Dino DNA, Magical Item, or otherworldy powers. A Admin and Mod must approve your powers, or leave you a normal person, which isn't a bad thing)

Duel Disk - Style: Her duel disc is shaped like a green bird's wing, as she controls both the Wind Valley monsters and Winged Beast monsters.

Duel Runner: A simple green painted duel runner with nothing special added.

Other Items: None.
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PostSubject: Re: Jessica Yuki, Mistress of the Wind Valley   Fri Dec 04, 2009 6:12 pm

*thumbs up*

Once again, accepted.
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Jessica Yuki, Mistress of the Wind Valley
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