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 Satellite Independence?

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Kane Sthar

Kane Sthar

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Satellite Independence? Empty
PostSubject: Satellite Independence?   Satellite Independence? I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 12, 2011 8:54 pm

The ground thumped under the powerful bass of the boombox balanced on his shoulder his hoodie pulled up over his head smirking his bare chest revealed to the elements revealing his scar crossing his body. The people stared. Some cringed so gaged some were down right pissed. He heard the whispers "Why go out in public like that" "barely even looks human" "Wouldnt be suprised if hes from the facility". Kane just smirked taking it in stride the figure next to him grinning ear to ear with a pointed fang hanging out from under his lip "Cmon Kane when are we gonna just start smashing shit already? Im wanting me a brawl" Kane smirked looking back to the other young man "Relax Tala. We'll get our chance just gotta find the right spot" he turned his head back forward continuing on Tala looking down an alley seeing young kids on their knees playing with their cards in the dirt. He licked at his lips "Well can i atleast have a little snack? cmon nobodyll miss 'em not like theyll be of any real profit to society... " He grinned menacingly Kane shaking his head "Leave them Tala. Even the smallest of vermin will play their part we gotta focus on weeding out the competition though" His eyes shot around almost bored Tala following begrudgingly "Man cmon already we've been searching for hours there aint no duelists left here they all hitched up and bailed ship when they got the chance. I mean hell these are Crows stomping grounds and i dont even see his tail feathers sticking out anywhere" Kane grinned "Thats because I already took care of Crow". Tala ghacked then chuckled grinning evily "Damn.. you bastard i really wanted a piece of that bird brained idiot"
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Satellite Independence?
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