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 Character Template - Duelist

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Minato Belmont

Minato Belmont

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PostSubject: Character Template - Duelist   Wed Nov 18, 2009 3:15 pm



Duelist Level:

Reputation: (Given by a mod or admin. Earned through storylines)

Criminal Marker: (Cannot start with one. Must gain one, or other wise)
Duelist Style: (Favoured Style of a duelist. Solo, team, turbo, etc.)

Home Town:
Home Country:
Current Residence:

<List here>



Talents: (Is your character good at guitar, fighting, etc, etc?)


Special Powers: (Example: Mark of the Dragon, Dino DNA, Magical Item, or otherworldy powers. A Admin and Mod must approve your powers, or leave you a normal person, which isn't a bad thing)

Duel Disk - Style: (The shape and design. Can also have special features..etc)

Duel Runner: (A duelist starts with a basic one. An advanced and custom duel runner must be appoved)

Other Items:

Your deck is shown on a seprate post in the same thread. Certain cards must be approved, and others need to be requested.
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Character Template - Duelist
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